Getting Started

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Let us help you get started. Thank you for choosing HIMTEL callings for connecting your loved ones. To help you get started with calling experience we have designed user-friendly instructions especially for the new customers like you.

Let’s get started with creating an account in

  • First go to sign up link
  • Fill up the required info’s. i.e. Your name, email address, billing info’s, contact number etc. & proceed the page.
  • After you create an account, you’ll receive a login confirmation on screen and in your registered email.
  • Get your user id & auto generated password to login to
  • Sign in with your id & password, later you can change your password in my account section.

Adding Balance

  • Go to add balance tab .
  • Select the amount you’d like to add .
  • Select the payment method whether you are paying  through paypal or verisign.
  • Select the card type & enter the required information. i.e.  Card no., expiry date , cvv code etc.
  • Click on proceed button.
  • In next page verify all your filled up details & confirm the order.
  • Now your pin is recharged & balance is added on the pin.

Making a Call: Dialing Procedure

    1. Dial Access Number (Local/Toll Free).
    2. Enter PIN when prompted.
    3. Enter country code + area code + number+ # (pound key).
    4. Press * once to disconnect a call and make another call.
      • To call Nepal Mobile/cell:  011+977+mobile number.
      • To call Nepal- Ktm: Dial 011+977+1(area code of Ktm)+7digits number.
      • To call landline outside Ktm: 011+977+area code with no zero (i.e 61 for Pokhara)+number.

      Please note: Accessing the PIN using Toll Free will incur 2 cents more than as advertised for the local access route.

If you require any further assistance, please visit support center.